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What is a Heart-Lung Associates Office?

The Heart-Lung Associates Office located at 297 Lafayette Avenue, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 was initially conceived by John E. Strobeck, MD, Ph.D. Together with his Pulmonary Medicine consultant, Dr. Joseph Grizzanti of Respiratory Health and Critical Care Associates, PA, and a capable staff, Dr. Strobeck built a 8000 sq. ft. comprehensive outpatient cardiopulmonary care facility - widely considered to be the first of its kind in the nation - to serve the residents of Bergen and Passaic Counties, NJ.

The Heart-Lung Associates Office provides to its patients, area physicians, and the community state-of-the-art programs in cardiopulmonary disease prevention, urgent cardiopulmonary care, full cardiopulmonary consultative services, complete cardiovascular and pulmonary diagnostic testing, and sophisticated cardiac and pulmonary treatments. This unique and comprehensive array of services provides stability to the most severely ill patients allowing them to be cared for primarily as outpatients and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

These programs are all carried out in a warm, friendly, efficient environment, which makes everyone feel comfortable and reassured. The staff includes Dr. John E. Strobeck (Cardiology), Dr. Andrew Buda (Cardiology), Dr. Janet E. Strain (Cardiology), Dr. Jonathan Greenblatt (Cardiology), Dr. Robert Berkowitz (Cardiology), Drs. Joseph Grizzanti, Marc Melamed, Mark Hoerman, Wanda Choy, and Rob Scanlon of Respiratory Health and Critical Care Associates, PA (Pulmonary Medicine), Dr. Melvin Freundlich (Nuclear Medicine), Anthony Mangieri, PA, Erin Pojanowski, PA, critical care nurses, a respiratory therapist, certified medical technicians, phlebotomists, ultrasound and nuclear medicine technicians, critical care/ER technicians, and a courteous billing staff whose mission is to provide you, the patient, with the highest level of care and compassion possible.

Heart-Lung Associates Office Services

A full range of Preventive Cardiopulmonary Programs (lipid screening and therapy, a cigarette cessation program, hypertension screening and treatment, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation training, and an asthma education and outpatient treatment program)

Cardiopulmonary Urgent Care (with EKG telemetry and hemodynamic monitoring capability for chest pain triage, acute arrhythmia evaluation and treatment including direct current cardioversion, and acute asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease evaluation and treatment including oxygen therapy)

Overnight Evaluation for Sleep Disorders (Comprehensive, full, overnight Polysomnography with Nasal CPAP Titration for the Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Apnea and other common sleep disturbances)

Comprehensive Cardiopulmonary Consultations (Consultations or Second-Opinion Evaluations are available with any of our affiliated physicians)

A Fiber-Optic Examination Suite (permitting direct visualization of problems in the upper airways and lungs)

A Full-Range of Non-Invasive Diagnostic Services (including complete heart and vascular ultrasound (including carotid and extremity duplex scanning), complete cardiac and non-cardiac nuclear medicine, routine and cardiopulmonary stress testing, complete pulmonary function testing, inhalation challenge testing, sleep-apnea studies, immunologic testing, and Xray)

Chronic Infusion Therapy For Severe Congestive Heart Failure Patients (including intravenous Dobutamine, Milrinone, Natrecor, and diuretics for the long-term stabilization of patients with the severest forms of congestive heart failure)

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECPÒ) (a non-invasive treatment for patients with severe forms of coronary disease for the purpose of reducing angina episodes, improving myocardial perfusion by increasing the number and size of coronary collateral vessels, reducing ER visits, and reducing the need for invasive procedures such as cardiac catheterization, coronary angioplasty, and coronary bypass surgery)

Ongoing Clinical Research Protocols for Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Coronary Disease, and Asthma (the latest research protocols conducted under the direction of Drs. Strobeck, Strain, Berkowitz, or Grizzanti are available for patient referral and enrollment.)


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